A Complete Guide to Prepare for Your GUJCET Exam-2017

A Complete Guide to Prepare for Your GUJCET Exam-2017

Entrance exams, held in different Indian states are intended to assess the proficiency and awareness level of all job applicants. In order to make the advancement of career, you may need to pass in some entrance exams.

However, all these examinations are not of the same level, and you have to progress with strong determination. While you are associated with the field of science, you have to prepare for the relevant exams. GUJCET, as one such entrance test, allows the candidates to become engineering expert.

Gujarat State Education Board conducts GUJCET exam for all the aspirants, who have a dream of building up the future career mainly in the field of engineering.

The candidates, who have an interest in this competitive examination, may make application from the official online site.

This exam is held on a yearly basis.

The students can get admitted into any college, which is affiliated with Gujarat University.

How to Counseling for GUJCET candidates

A counseling session is also arranged before allowing the students for getting admitted. It is intended to allot seats for BE or B. Tech.

All the candidates may not get calls for counseling as it is based on individual ranks.

However, it must be remembered that if you are not able to attend your first session of counseling, then you may not get permission for experience the subsequent counseling.

But, while you can show the required reason behind your absence, you may be defended.

You have to consider the rule that candidates, who are to be selected for any specific course in any college, should fulfill some criteria for eligibility. During counseling no waiting list is created for candidates. New counseling session is to be organized, in accordance with the process.

If any applicant has got a seat on the present year in Gujarat or in some other states, his or her name may not be taken into account for seat allotment unless that candidate has given up the seat by writing a letter.

When the initial counseling session has been completed, you will get the information of the seats, which are vacant.

This is shown on the basis of a specific course or category. The number of seats that are available needs to be allotted in different stages, while the counseling session is held.

What topics are included for GUJCET?

The common topics, which have to be learned for Physics, are electromagnetic induction, magnetism, optics, nucleus, atom and current and static form of electricity.

To prepare for chemistry, you have to study on different elements, Stereo-chemistry, ether, alcohol, thermodynamics, chemical bonds and many more.

The syllabus for Biology includes photosynthesis, mineral nutrition, respiration, reproduction, growth, organism, environment and the latest processes for diagnosis.

You should also practice Mathematics that comprises various topics ellipse, 3-dimensional geometry, parabola and vectors and so on.

There are many other topics, related to every subject, and you have to go through them in detail so that you may find the questions to be much easier.

If you feel that preparing for the exam is too tough, you can apply for GUJCET Mock Exam 2017

Planning is always needed

When you have decided to prepare for the upcoming GUJCET exam 2017, you have to make a planning in advance.

As there is very limited time to learn all the topics thoroughly, it is essential to create an appropriate plan. Thus, proper mindset is important for your study.

Many candidates do the mistake of starting their preparation only some days before their examination.

Try to study alone in your room

It is said that group study is important for the candidates of competitive exam.

However, all aspirants are not familiar to this process, and they waste their precious time by gossiping with their companions.

While you also cannot control yourself, it is better to study alone. It will enable you will in completing all topics within a short time.

Determine a date to complete your syllabus

When you’re making a plan on how to study everything, you should not forget to decide on a date for the completion of your syllabus.

If you have been successful in doing everything before that date, you may move forward to practice the model question papers.

The online mock tests may also be considered as the GUJCET Mock Exam. It means that the questions on those model papers will give you an idea of the real exam. Besides attempting those questions, you may revise all topics, in which you have some weakness. It will help you in reducing the pressure, experienced by most of the candidates.

While you are trying to solve questions on sample papers, you have to ensure that you are able to complete all of them within the right time. Often, the limited time becomes the major concern of the candidates during the exam, and so, lots of practice at home help you in having improvement of your efficiency.

Get the materials required for the examination

The applicants have lots of confusions, while choosing study materials for their exam.

The papers of past years may be highly helpful to you. Make consultation with friends or other candidates; you may make out the topics, which are possibly more important for the approaching exam.

Breaks from your study

The most excellent and perfect schedule that you can follow is to continue your study just for forty to sixty minutes. After that, you need to have a short interruption.

The main reason behind having such breaks is that it helps in increasing your efficiency level. When you will start studying again, you may give complete focus on the subject matter.

However, the time for taking breaks should not be much lengthy. Almost five to ten minutes seem to be enough for the break, and you can listen to sweet music or do workouts at that time.

Thus, all these tips will surely help you to become prepared for tough entrance exam- GUJCET 2017.

Try to score the best marks in the exam. As it is highly competitive, you need to beat lots of candidates with a huge effort.