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General FAQs

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Q. “SmartGuru” is for which standard? How many subjects it includes?


“SmartGuru” is available for 10th, 11th and 12th Science Gujarat Board & Guj-CET ( Guj & Eng Medium ). It includes all science subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. For Standard 10th it includes Social science, Gujarati and English subjects along with Maths and Science.


Q. To use “SmartGuru” is it mandatory to have computer knowledge or Internet?


This software is very easy to use and it does not require any special computer knowledge or internet.


Q. Who has developed this software and prepared the question bank in it?


“SmartGuru” has been developed by Indian multinational company INTECH Creative Services. Its question bank is prepared by experienced teachers and subject experts based on specific exam format.


Q. How “SmartGuru” gives guarantee to get more marks?


Students need to use “SmartGuru” and attend minimum 3 exams for all subjects per week. At the end of every week, students need to study the Analysis and consult their subject teachers as per the suggested guideline. By following this pattern students can increase Confidence Level and can proactively improve on their weakness. This is how “SmartGuru” helps students to score more marks.


Q. How “SmartGuru” is useful to responsible schools and teachers?


Each school and teacher continuously strives to improve on their students results. But performing student’s topic-wise detailed analysis for all subjects is practically impossible. Since “SmartGuru” can provide detailed topic-wise analysis for each student, using such analysis teachers can evaluate each student with more accuracy.


Q. By using only “SmartGuru”, can student score more marks?


“SmartGuru” is not to replace current education or learning method. Rather, its objective is to increase effectiveness of current methodology by using Information Technology. Regular schooling and conventional exams are equally important.


Q. How “Time Management” can be done using “SmartGuru”?


“SmartGuru” is very simple and easy to use. By using this software as per the “Success Key”, in very short time student get accurate analysis that inspire to practice more in right direction and student get sufficient time for their reading.


Q. How “SmartGuru” can help to reduce Mental Stress of a student?


Using “SmartGuru” regularly, student can utilize time in right direction. By working proactively on areas of improvement, student develops positive and confident attitude towards exam. This can help student to reduce mental stress for exam.


Q. Did any student use “SmartGuru” before?


“SmartGuru” was used by more than 5000 students of 10th, 11th and 12th Science of Gujarat Board since 2009. Based on their feedback, it is very novel and extremely useful software to score more marks in exam.


Q. How “SmartGuru” is more useful compare to other software available in market?


“SmartGuru” is not only for attending exam. Rather, by using it regularly student can get topic-wise analysis, make learning more effective, do proper time management, increase confidence level and score more marks.


Q. What is there in the Trial Copy of “SmartGuru”? Why it is free?


The Trial Copy is free of cost to let the student experience the software benefits by practical exposure. Under the Trial copy, student can attend 3 exams for each subject and check their individual analysis.

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Q. How “SmartGuru” can help to responsible parents?


All parents wish to contribute directly / indirectly to its child’s education. This can be accomplished more effectively by using “SmartGuru”.


Q. I am spending enough for my child’s education, what is the need to spend more for “SmartGuru”?


To do topic-wise analysis of each individual student for all subjects is practically impossible. Using the “Success Key” of “SmartGuru” it is possible to get topic-wise analysis at home. “SmartGuru” is the only software specially design and give 100% guarantee to score more marks.


Q. Is this software very expensive?


“SmartGuru” is not expensive software. While finalizing its price, special attention is given to ensure each and every student can afford to buy is and utilize its benefits for get better result.


Installation FAQs

Q. What is the process of manual Activation?


Go on Smart-Guru home Screen. Click on activate Button. Now you see the activation Screen.1st enter CD Serial No. and password then click on Generate registration key. Send registration key and your basic details like Name, Contact No., Address, School Name and e-mail id on SmartGuru customer care number. Customer care team send you 1 activation key on your Mobile No. Please enter this activation key and click on activate.


Q. What is the Process of Online Activation?


Go on Smart-Guru home Screen. Click on activate Button. Now you see the activation Screen.1st enter CD Serial No. and password then click on Generate registration key. After Generate registration key please check on Online Activation and enter your basic details and last click on Active button.


Q. How to install Smart-Guru free demo version?


There are 2 types Smart-Guru free demo installation.
1) By CD of Smart-Guru.
2) By Website of Smart-Guru.


Q. Which is the process of Patch update?


There are 2 types of Patch updation:
1) Manual patch update. For this contact your Smart-Guru Sales Person.
2) Online Updates are revised when your PC/Laptop Connected with Net and you open your Smart-Guru.


Purchase FAQs

Q. What is the Price of Smart-Guru?


For Std 10th Full Version 2400 Rs.( Science & Technology, Social Science, Maths, English, Gujarati) For 11th to 12th Science Per Semester 2400 Rs.(English/Gujarati Medium)


Q. Which subjects are covers in SmartGuru Full version?


SmartGuru includes Science & Technology, Social Science, Maths, English, and Gujarati for standard 10th full version. And Maths, biology, physics and chemistry for standard 12th full version.


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