Concept of SmartGuru

Education plays a very important role in shaping any individual’s life. Education is all about learning new things. There are various mechanisms to learn like schools, coaching classes, private tuition, books, online material, etc. Students are investing significant time in learning, but it is also equally important to check the effectiveness of the learning by performing regular evaluation. The evaluation mechanism in all educational institutes is to arrange regular Exam. These Exams are quite orthodox and fully dependent. Results of such Exams are not being utilized for finding more useful facts about the growth of an individual student. SmartGuru is a noble initiative by Indian multinational company INTECH Creative Services. The prime objective of SmartGuru is to bring revolution in education by providing highly advance evaluation platform for all students. SmartGuru was launched in Oct2009 and since then thousands of student have used the platform and realized all the benefits it offers.

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Importance of Taking Exam

Examination is a system of evaluating a student for their capabilities and to verify their learning effectiveness. By taking exams – student get chance to prove themselves to be better than others based on defined exam criteria for grading. A comprehensive examination is specific types of exam taken by graduate students, which may determine their eligibility to continue their studies. Examinations give you a chance to make sense of your learning.

Key Focus Areas for SmartGuru

SmartGuru focuses on three major paining areas in current education methodology.

Long Evaluation Time

Below picture show the time consuming exam. This kind of Exam takes n number of time. After students give the exam they get result after couple of days or weeks or even months.

In all Schools and Colleges follow the same exam methodology. In today’s Hi-tech market, schools are using hard copy of question & answer sheet in exams. Lots of time is spent to maintain hard copy of question paper & answer sheet. Based on examination, school needs to maintain student score manually.

Consolidation – Statistical Analysis of Student Progress

In current scenario, student cannot be able to identify their strength, weakness subject wise, because they do not have any other option to they can evaluate their strength and weakness. In schools, colleges, classes’ student only give the exam and after that they get result score only. But not result score will be consolidated, because they do not have previous subject result record and so student cannot get consolidated result they can be identify their knowledge with subject and chapter wise only if they have consolidate result record.

Exposure to different kinds of exams papers

In Schools, Collages and tuitions Classes, teacher, professor are not much interested to set variety of exam question paper. They only follow the same question, what are the questions set in last year exam or other year. If student will not face more and more different type of question till that they do not get enough confidence in every subject. Therefore they need Variety of questions.

For these problems, we have to change the exam style like change hard paper to computerized exam. Store result in result bank and need to consolidate student result score. Based on that Identify student knowledge, Intelligence, efforts behind study and also student can give exam in lesser time.

SmartGuru Benefits

Helps to develop effective study skills

It helps student in developing their study skills by various ways. i.e. • improving reading comprehension • discovering personal study style • managing time more efficiently • learning the best way to prepare for exams.

Helps overcome exam anxiety

It is a normal tendency of a student that when exam comes near, anxiety level goes high. A little bit of anxiety helps them to be motivated, focused and more alert. However, too much anxiety may give negative effect. Here SmartGuru is a very effective tool for them. More use of SmartGuru helps them to study, learn, remember their mistakes well in advance and thus they perform well when taking tests.

Helps student to build confidence level

Helps student to build confidence level, effective study skills. It is not a magic formula for success in preparing for tests, or written or oral assignments. Studying any material requires work! However, by using the techniques described or used in SmartGuru, and by applying yourself, you can gain a valuable edge in understanding material, preparing for tests, and, ultimately, learning. This guide contains some of the best and most effective techniques of successful students – students who typically have high grades in high school and college regardless of the coursesthey take. So read on, think about what you read.

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