Features of SmartGuru

Key Features

  • Very Simple Format
  • Easy to use
  • Designed by Indian Multinational Company
  • Questions prepared by master of subject
  • Intelligently creates exam based on last performance and course specific format
  • Creates Unique Mark sheet ( which indicates Chapter No & Topic )
  • Provides Topic Wise Smart Analysis which highlights Strength and Weakness
  • Helps to identify topics in which he/she is more confident, less confident or over confident
  • Calculates Projected Score
  • Student can Review all attended exams with Explanation or Hint for each answer
  • Provides Subject Wise Learning Trends
  • Keeps Exam history for all attended exams and allows to reattempt any previous Exam

Home Page

  • Graphical representation of all previous exams.
  • Plots each exam on time scale against % Marks obtained
  • Helps student to visually analyze subject -wise learning trends
  • Detailed mark sheet available for any previous exam just on 1-Click
  • Reattempt Exam facility available to retry on same exam.

Intelligent Exam Simulator

  • International class functions like Auto Scroll, Flag Questions, customized Exam, lots more.
  • Smart enough to pickup most appropriate questions based on Board exam format and Students past performance.
  • Review exam mode available at 1-Click
  • Question prepared by master of the subject.

Topic wise Mark sheet

  • Generate mark sheet based on topics and chapters.
  • View marks for each topics with chapter name.
  • Review correct/incorrect answers with explanation.

Strength / Weakness Analysis

  • intelligently calculates topic wise strength and weakness
  • Student can learn about in which topic he/she has lost maximum marks so far

Confidence Matrix

  • Identifies topic wise list for Good Confidence, Less Confidence, No Confidence and Over Confidence
  • Helps student to enhance time sensitivity while attending exam.

Projected Score

  • It calculates students best possible score projection based on Board Exam format and Students performance.
  • It helps to visualize “where am I?” for the student and motivate him/her for better score.

Content Coverage

  • Graphical representation of Chapter wise %Coverage
  • Helps student to know about how much content is still unexposed.

Exam History

  • Display all given exam list with number of attended questions, correct answers and achieved score.
  • Reattempt previous given exams.

Other Advance Features

  • Multiple user environment-more than one student can share single copy
  • It is an open platform that offers flexibility to load more contents
  • No Expiry Date – Once purchased, it is always available
  • All subjects in one installation.
  • Printing option for detailed mark sheet and advance analysis
  • Built on advance Java Platform

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